Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mech #4

Today I managed to do a few weapon models for the mechs. The player is supposed to be able to completely customize their mech and this includes the weapons. Once again Kai did up some awesome concepts for us to model from. The concepts for these weapons were great and made it easy to model.

Concept Art:

Fig 1.1) Side View

Fig 1.2) Front View

Modelling these weapons did not take too long. Luckily most of the weapons were kept as a combination of basic shapes which made it easier to model them. This weapons will attach to various weapon points on each mech. 

3D Models:

Fig 2.1) Missile Launchers (4 and 6 pack)

Fig 2.2) Rocket Launcher

Fig 2.3) Rail guns

These models still have to be checked by Gordon, but I am happy with the way they turned out. My modelling skills have definitely improved since the beginning of the year and I think the quality of my work shows this. That is all I have to show for today. As always feel free to comment, constructive criticism is how we learn after all. Thanks for reading.

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